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Happy National Margarita Day 2018!


Did you know that tequila wasn’t always very popular? Kind of hard to believe, especially considering we now have a National Margarita Day! Pretty much every day is Margarita day in SoCal, but hey, it’s another excuse to squeeze some limes and sip beautiful wonderous agave spirits!

A little background trivia to sound cool at the bar : The margarita means “daisy” in Spanish which is likely where this drink got it’s name. Daisies are a family of cocktails that include a base spirit, sweetener or liqueur (think grenadine or curaçao), and lemon or lime juice.

This recipe is based off the Margarita recipe in Trader Vic’s Revised Bartender’s Guide(1972). He calls for it to be served into a “chilled saucer champagne glass which has been rimmed with coarse salt”, although he also references making them on the rocks in other sections of the book. I made one up last year for Margarita day and I still prefer them on the rocks. I hear Margaritas served up are more of a standard on the east coast, and it makes sense cause it’s colder there. In LA, it’s hot most of the year and a drink served up loses it’s chill a lot faster.

As Trader Vic said, “I think that one of the nicest drinks I know how to make is a Margarita on the Rocks; it is a classic.”

I think so too!







by Laura Lindsay


2 oz El Tesoro Paradiso Tequila

.5 oz Cointreau

.5 oz Cane Sugar Simple Syrup(1:1)

1 oz Freshly squeezed lime juice


Glass: Rocks Glass

Method: Shake all ingredients together and strain over ice into glass

Garnish: Lime twist/wheel/or succulent(!) I *really* don’t like putting lime wedges on margaritas because then people squeeze them into it and throw off the deliciously balanced cocktail I just made.

I used Einar Spicy Sea Salt Seasoning from Jacobsen Salt on the rim, and it was absolutely delicious! It looks like this brand was sold at Target, but now I don’t see it available. You might want to contact Jacobsen directly for something similar.





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