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Beauty & Cocktails: Pink Lady Cocktail & Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick


I finally found a way to merge two of my favorite things: Beauty & Cocktails! The Pink Lady cocktail is a wonderful cocktail–it’s been far too long since I enjoyed one. It’s basically a gin sour with grenadine instead of simple syrup. Such a little twist that adds a layer of warm citrus notes to the drink, not to mention a lovely pink hue. I encourage you to make your own grenadine for this drink–it’s so easy and a home bar staple item! Don’t worry, I have a recipe below!



My first thought when shooting this cocktail was to pair it with lipstick. As a bartender, I’ve washed thousands of glasses with lipstick smeared across the edges! Nowadays, there are long-wear lipsticks that help prevent color transfer, but it’s still super common. These Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks are some of my new favorites. Not as drying as a liquid lipstick, but still bold in color and long on wear. Pictured here are the shades ‘Magick'(a light pink with sparkles) and ‘Hellbent'(a bold red).



For the drink, you’ll want to use a London Dry Gin–I chose Sipsmith’s London Dry Gin for this occasion. It’s appropriate too, since they’re the first copper pot distillery in London since 1820–that’s a big deal! Everything I’ve tried from Sipsmith has been exceptional. They make the most delightful Sloe Gin–let me know in the comments if you’d like me to mix up a Sloe Gin Fizz and I’ll get on it!



Another winner from their range is what they call V.J.O.P., which stands for ‘Very Junipery Over Proof’ Gin. This is a must-try if you’re a gin lover, as the juniper notes are amplified in the flavor profile. It also has a significant increase in ABV at 57.7%. This gin is more than a juniper bomb, it’s full of orange zest up front with a spicy crisp flavor ending in a satisfyingly dry finish.

There’s also a variation of the Pink Lady cocktail that substitutes some applejack for gin. Different cocktail books I referenced had that variation as Pink Lady No. 1 or Pink Lady No.2. It appears that the variation itself was up for debate, or perhaps there was too much drinking going on while editing the books! In any case, the Pink Lady is a delightful drink that deserves a spot in your drink index.



Pink Lady


1 Egg white

.75 oz Freshly squeezed lemon juice

.75 oz Homemade Grenadine*

2 oz London Dry Gin(I used Sipsmith’s London Dry Gin)


Glass: Coupe

Method: Add all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker and shake without ice for about 5-10 seconds. Crack open cocktail shaker and add ice*. Shake hard for about 10 seconds. Double strain with hawthorne strainer & fine strainer into cocktail coupe.

Pro Tip: For a more silky texture, shake with a 2×2 cube of ice packed with 1×1 cubes.

*Homemade Grenadine Recipe: If you’re lucky enough to live near a farmer’s market or store that sells cold pressed juices, snag a 12 or 16 oz bottle of fresh pressed pomegranate juice for this recipe. If not, that’s perfectly ok too, just buy some pomegranate juice from your local grocer. Making grenadine is super simple–just combine equal parts juice to sugar. I prefer to use Superfine or Baker’s Sugar so it easily dissolves. If you’re using cane sugar, the flavor will be a bit more round and you have a couple options to melt that sugar: either use an immersion blender to combine them or very carefully heat the mix on low heat while stirring regularly until the sugar is melted.

Some people like to add hydrosols like rose water to the mix. I’m not a big fan of adding other flavors to the grenadine at the bar because it’s going to be used for a variety of cocktails, not all of which will taste great with those floral notes. I recommend messing around with it on your own though! Cause who doesn’t have an extra bottle of flower water sitting around–gotta use it up somehow!


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