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Fog Cutter Drink Recipe : Halloween Edition

For Halloween, I wanted to make a drink in my Hitchhiking Ghosts tiki mug. A limited run by Trader Sam’s in 2016
(with a colorful run this year!), its unique design and size make it perfect for this drink. While the Fog Cutter isn’t explicitly a Halloween drink, I associate fog with spooky movie scenes and headless riders, or pirates waiting to attack in a dark foggy cove.

This is one of my all-time favorite drinks because it’s quite drier than most tropical drinks. If you prefer your drinks a bit sweeter, you may want to play around with floating cream sherry on top like the original Trader Vic’s version. Also, realize that no two orgeats are exactly the same. If you’re using a store-bought version, it may be drier than the orgeat here. Smuggler’s Cove’s orgeat is a 2:1 syrup recipe. If you’re using Darcy O’Neil’s recipe from Beachbum Berry’s books, it’s more of a 1:1. In that case, you might want to use up to 1 oz of it depending on your desired level of sweetness.

The most important rule to remember is that THERE ARE NO RULES. Follow the recipe and tweak to your liking! The recipe below is based on the Smuggler’s Cove Fog Cutter and I just plugged in the spirits I used. Feel free to use whatever you prefer or have on hand.


Fog Cutter

by Smuggler’s Cove

1.5 oz fresh lemon juice

1.5 oz fresh orange juice

.5 oz SC Orgeat(2:1 syrup, see notes above)

1 oz Pisco Porton Quebranta

.5 oz Broker’s Gin

2 oz Denizen 3 Year Rum

.5 oz Alvear Asuncion Oloroso Sherry


Combine all ingredients except sherry in a drink mixer tin with 12 oz of crushed ice and 4 larger cubes. Flash blend and pour into a Fog Cutter or Tiki Mug, holding back the remaining large cubes with a hawthorne strainer. Float Sherry by gently pouring on the top. Garnish with a mint sprig and a swizzle stick.


In addition to the booze, you’ll need:

  • 2 lemons
  • 1 med-large orange
  • orgeat(make your own or store-bought)
  • 12 oz crushed ice
  • 4-6 larger cubes(if using 1×1 cubes, use only 4)
  • freshly picked mint(use about 3-4 sprigs for a bushy fresh look)
  • a long swizzle stick of your choosing!
  • a Fog Cutter or tiki mug that’ll hold this drink
  • a blender(Hamilton Beach blender preferred, but really any blender will do)



Extra Credit Reading:

Just in case you’re curious, I’ll share Trader Vic’s original recipes below. It calls for brandy instead of pisco, which adds some depth to the drink. That explains why Smuggler’s Cove version asks for a lightly aged rum instead of a Puerto Rican white rum like the original.


Fog Cutter

By Trader Vic (1947)

2 oz lemon juice

1 oz orange juice

.5 oz Orgeat

1 oz Brandy

.5 oz Dry Gin

2 oz Light Rum

Sherry Wine Float


Shake all but sherry with cracked ice; pour into 14 oz glass and add more cracked ice. Add sherry wine float; serve with straws.


But wait! There’s more!

Here’s Trader Vic’s newer version of the Fog Cutter. I found this in his Revised Bartender’s Guide from 1972, but supposedly this Samoan version had been floating around for some time before that.


Samoan Fog Cutter

By Trader Vic (1972)

2 oz fresh lemon juice

1 oz fresh orange juice

.5 oz Orgeat

.5 oz Brandy

.5 oz Dry Gin

1.5 oz Light Rum

.25 oz Sweet Sherry

8 oz (1 cup) crushed ice


Blend all ingredients except sherry in electric drink mixer with 1 scoop shaved ice. Pour into fog cutter mug. Add ice cubes. Float sherry. Decorate with fresh mint and a stirrer. 



Did you make the Fog Cutter or have you tried it before?

Let me know what you thought in the comments below!





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