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A Summer Cocktail For Father’s Day Weekend: The Dandy Smash


Last Sunday, I visited the Hollywood Farmers Market. I used to go regularly, but I’d fallen out of touch. Bartending until the wee hours on Sunday morning will do that! We have some of the best produce in the nation here in SoCal. It makes sense to use the most vibrant and seasonal items in our cities.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’ve been doing the #whole30 program. I’m happy to say, I MADE IT! In celebration, I whipped up an original cocktail for you. It’s made with olallieberries, which are a hybrid blackberry and the juiciest variety I’ve tried! I tossed in some fragrant lemon basil and probably the last of the season’s blood oranges.

For sweetness, I made a honey syrup from Honey Pacifica’s Raw Unfiltered Orange Blossom Honey. It is so creamy and fragrant with a nice kick of acidity.

I’m so happy to get in touch with my roots and make farmer’s market cocktails again! All of this produce is available at the farmer’s market, so if you’re feeling inspired, head over to Hollywood on Sunday and whip up a batch of these for Father’s Day!



The Dandy Smash

Inspiration: “In the 1850s, at the height of the Smash’s popularity, all the “pert young men, ” the Broadway dandies, San Francisco swells, and junior New Orleans grandissimes, seemed to spend the warm months of the year with a Smash glued to one hand and a “segar” to the other.”–David Wondrich, Imbibe! Updated & Revised Edition(pg. 200) *affiliate link

2 oz VSOP Cognac

.75 oz Honey Pacifica Raw Orange Blossom Honey Syrup(3:1)

6 pieces Blood Orange(cut a small-medium blood orange in half from pole to pole, then into 3 wedges, and cut those wedges into half through their middles)

5 Olallieberries (from 2 Peas In a Pod’s Stand)

6-8 Lemon Basil Leaves


Any snifter or rocks glass will do. If you have metal or glass straws with a little spoon at the bottom, now’s the time.


Fresh lemon basil, olallieberries, and blood orange segments.


Add all ingredients except honey & lemon basil to a shaker tin and press oranges & berries slowly with a muddler to gently extract juice without pulverizing. Add the honey and lemon basil. Shake for about 8-10 seconds with 1×1 ice cubes and double strain into a chilled glass 3/4 filled with cracked ice. With a mixing spoon, gently massage cracked ice into the center of the drink to distribute evenly. You’ll know it’s ready when the glass is frosty. Top with more cracked ice and decorate with fresh lemon basil, olallieberries, and blood orange segments. Enjoy!


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