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Pinch This Punch–A Watermelon Punch Recipe For Your Summer Party!

Want to make a punch for your summer party but aren’t sure where to start? I have a refreshing crowd-pleasing recipe all set for you below! Last weekend, I participated in Art Beyond The Glass(ABTG)–a yearly charity event hosted by LA’s bartenders. Founders Daniel Djang and Zahra Bates organized ABTG so that everything from the cocktails to the art and music was created and performed by bartenders. Proceeds from every ABTG event are donated to a local arts-based charity.

This year, I partnered with STOLEN to showcase their award-winning rums in a quaffable punch that would hydrate party-goers throughout the hot day. Their Smoked Rum is aged for up to two years in used American oak whiskey barrels. Because it’s infused with Colombian Arabica coffee, Madagascan vanilla beans, and Moroccan fenugreek, it’s already complex enough on its own. My aim was to add fresh vibrant juices to let the spirits shine. You can read more about STOLEN Smoked Rum and STOLEN Overproof Rum HERE.

The great thing about punches is that you can take this 5 oz recipe and multiply it by however many servings you would like. For your convenience, I’ve also included a 60-serving recipe PLUS shopping list! This punch looks lovely and lasts much longer over large block ice. Easily make your own by placing water in a plastic food container and freezing overnight. You could even add flowers to it too!



Pinch This Punch

(Single Serving Size)

1 oz Stolen Smoked Rum

.5 oz Stolen Overproof Rum

1 oz Pineapple syrup

.75 oz Fresh Lime Juice

1 oz Fresh Watermelon Juice

.5 oz Darjeeling cold brew tea

.25 oz Topo Chico(or other sparkling water)


(60 Servings)

60 oz Stolen Smoked Rum

30 oz Stolen Overproof Rum

60 oz Pineapple syrup

45 oz Fresh Lime Juice

60 oz Fresh Watermelon Juice

30 oz Darjeeling cold brew tea

about 15 oz Topo Chico (or other sparkling water) *add to taste*


Watermelon Punch Bowl/Juice:

I own more punch bowls than is healthy for one person. For this event, I chose to use a watermelon as the serving vessel! I was going to need a watermelon for juice regardless, and it was one less thing I had to keep track of or worry about breaking. It was actually MUCH easier than I thought it would be to carve and it made a great conversation piece too!

I’d recommend setting down paper or towels before you begin this process, because it is quite messy! 

  1. With a classic boning knife, make zig zag cuts near the top of the watermelon. Try to push the knife in at least 3-4 inches as you make the cuts. This will help cut the inside flesh enabling you to pry the “top” off easier. The small watermelon pictured was obviously much easier than the large beheamoth I used for the event.
  2. Once you are all the way around, so will want to gently pry up each side and take a chef’s knife to cut into the flesh completely through. Do this until you reach completely around the watermelon and the top will pop off.
  3. Once the top is off, scrape the remaining flesh off and set aside. Remove the interior flesh by scooping out with a large ice cream scoop or similar.
  4. Once all the flesh and juice is out of the watermelon, you can rinse it with cool water and set aside.
  5. If you have a juice extractor, you can use that for the watermelon juice. Alternately, you can use a blender and strain the pulp out. I also saved the pulp to eat later with a little honey. It’s a yummy snack!

Pineapple Syrup:

  1. Prepare a 2:1 cane sugar syrup by combining 10 oz water with 20 oz cane sugar. You can speed up the process by combining these in a saucepan and stirring frequently over med-low heat. Don’t boil it, as we’re not making a carmelized syrup. After all the sugar crystals are melted, set aside to cool completely and cut your pineapple.
  2. Cut pineapple into 2″ chunks. Place chunks in a container and cover with cooled syrup. If you have an airtight container, simply place it on the top. If not, place a piece of plastic wrap firming over the container opening.
  3. Let this mixture sit overnight (at ambient air temp of around 75-85 degrees) at least 12 hours, preferably 24. Strain through chinois or sieve and store in a clean labeled container.

Darjeeling Cold Brew Tea:

  1. Weigh out 20g of loose leaf tea for every 30 oz of water. The goal is to make a bold tasting tea just before it becomes dark and tannic. Bring fresh, filtered water to a boil and immediately pour over the tea. Set a timer for 9 minutes. Strain into a clean labeled container and cool.


Shopping list for 60 serving size:

-3 bottles STOLEN Smoked Rum(you’ll have some leftover)

-3 bottles STOLEN Overproof Rum(you’ll have some leftover)

-3 pineapples

-4 lbs cane sugar

-1 large watermelon

-50 medium sized limes

-20g Darjeeling loose leaf tea

-15 oz Topo Chico(or other sparkling water)



Are you planning a summer party?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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  • This looks SO delicious! Especially how you cut the watermelon. 🙂 I want to try this for the 4th of July weekend!!! xo

    • It was deceivingly delicious. It packs a punch with all that rum! I hope you get a chance to try it out.