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How to Resize a JORD Wood Watch

Today, I’m going to show you how to resize a JORD Wood Watch. I’m hoping this comes in handy if you ever need to adjust the size of your wood watch band. The folks at JORD were kind enough to send me my watch pre-sized. I needed to adjust it because I rounded up a bit too much from my self-measurement and didn’t feel like sending it back or going to a jeweler to have it done. I wanted to wear it right away!

You don’t need any special skills to do this–just some patience and a small screwdriver set. You’ll also need a towel or thick microfiber cloth to place your watch on. I worked on my watch on the cloth that JORD provided in the packaging, but in retrospect, I would recommend something a little thicker. I was being REAL careful and working slow.



Because my watch had already been sized, I only needed to remove one wood link to make it fit. See how one side had five links and the other had six? I chose to remove one of the links from the side with six to keep the watch as symmetrical as possible.

Note that I didn’t remove the wood link attached to the clasp.



The pins holding the links have a push lock. It’s fairly easy to press the pin out once you insert the proper sized screwdriver.

See how the pin pops out the other side?



Gently pull on the pin and the two pieces will separate. Make sure not to lose the tiny piece that I call a “top hat”!



After you remove the wood link and its pin, set it aside. I repeated the process for the pin to its left so I could reassemble the watch. Hopefully the second time will be even easier!



Slide the pin through the links to connect them and carefully put the tiny top hat in place.

I didn’t get a picture of the next step because it takes 2 hands! With one screwdriver, hold the tiny top hat in place while you push the long pin from the other end with another screwdriver. You’ll feel a definitive click as the two pieces come together. Mine was acting up so I ended up carefully tapping the pin side while holding the top hat in place.



Once the pins are locked together they will be sunken into the holes. If your pin is still flush with the wood, it hasn’t been properly seated yet. Below is an example of a properly seated pin.



That’s it! Not too difficult at all. You might want to save your links in case you ever need them.



Now that my watch is perfectly sized, it fits wonderfully! I like my watches to sit right at the wrist and it really is a custom fit. I love the feel of the natural wood–mine is the Fieldcrest Series in Dark Sandalwood. It’s so versatile and matches everything in my wardrobe.

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