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Marc Jacobs Highliner Review

Today, I have 2 gorgeous eyeliners from Marc Jacobs Beauty to review. I received both of these Highliners complimentary from Influenster.com. The top highliner is (Earth)quake 41 – dark brown and the bottom highliner is (Brown)ie 43 – medium brown.

The Highliners are matte gel eye crayon eyeliners. What does that mean? They’re eyeliners that glide on smoothly and dry after about 15 seconds to a matte look that stays for up to 12 hours. They’re a bit thicker than most liquid eyeliners.  

I have fair skin and although I like black eyeliner, brown eyeliners look more natural with my complexion. The color of (Brown)ie has slight red undertones–like a chestnut brown. (Earth)quake is more of a dark brown. I prefer the color of (Earth)quake but both are suitable for my skin tone.

I played with these at my recent Sephora “No-Makeup Makeup” beauty class, so I was excited to receive these! After applying eyeshadow, I slid on a thin line of this near my lash line and then smudged it out so the line wouldn’t be so stark. I have hooded eyes, so this technique works great for me.

For another look, I concentrated on applying it to my waterline. It was the most comfortable eyeliner I’ve used on my waterline. It’s actually the only one so far that hasn’t made my eyes immediately water!

I don’t know if it lasts 12 hours because I take my makeup off at the end of the day, but it does last at least 9! The texture is very smooth and silky and glides across your eye. I would recommend this eyeliner for smokey, smudgey looks or to tightline. The brighter colors would be fun to play around with for more bold looks.

What colors catch your eye? Comment below!



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