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Joymode: Experience Life, Don’t Buy It

If you’ve been following along with me here and on Twitter, you know that I’m making a valiant effort to reduce the amount of stuff in my life this year. I’m committed to actually finishing the KonMari process and enjoying what I have around me!

That’s why I was excited to hear about Joymode. Joymode is a service that brings you stuff so you can do things. Or at least that’s my explanation. You can sign up for an experience on their site, like a backyard movie night, ultimate beach day, or even outdoor cleanup. You sign up for a delivery time and they bring everything to you! For example, a backyard movie night experience includes a movie screen, home theater projector, home theater speaker system, a popcorn machine, some furniture and blankets.

Especially for someone like myself that lives in an apartment, owning and storing these items would be a pain. I’d rather have space in my pad for items I’m using all the time.

Because it’s still the rainy season in LA, I opted for a weatherproof first experience: Ultimate GoPro. I’m happy to report that it was seamless. Navigating the options and booking the experience was smooth. The actual delivery & pickup was easy too. They send you a text message update that let you know when the delivery driver is close by.


I had never used a GoPro before, so for me, it was more of an interactive learning experience–which was made quite easy by the kit provided. The Ultimate GoPro Experience came with a GoPro HERO4 Session, GoPro Headstrap Mount, and GoPro Chest Strap Harness. There’s an optional GoPro Dog Harness available too.



I’d recommend this kit for anyone going on a hike, snowboarding, or even sailing! This kit is perfect for outdoor adventurers. The GoPro is waterproof and the head strap is pretty comfortable, so it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it after awhile.



In the future, I’m hoping Joymode includes the 3-Way GoPro Camera Mount. Living in LA, I primarily wanted to use the GoPro for urban exploring and it’s hard to shoot videos without a handheld mount.

If you’re a parent this might help you too! Recently, Joymode added a whole new kids section called Joymode For Kids. Instead of dealing with buying and storing toys, you can sign up for monster blocks or an indoor camping kit experience.

When the weather clears up, I’d love to try the beach day or camping experiences. Thanks again to Joe and his team for the opportunity to try out Joymode. I look forward to experiencing, not buying things, in the future!

Use code “pearldiverLA” for $50 off your membership!

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