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Sell on Depop: Learn how to make money from your closet today!


In my last post, I told you about what to do with all the clothing and accessories you clean out of your closet. Now, I’ll show you how to sell on Depop. My two favorite resources for selling these items are Depop & Poshmark. Depop is like the Instagram of selling apps. It’s especially popular for vintage and unique clothing. Poshmark is a better app for designer and name brand labels. The key to doing well on either app is to have great photos of your clothing. Whether your photos are flat lays, modeled, or simply hung on a hanger, if the photos are good, people will buy them.

I love Depop because I have control over how my items are laid out. I break mine into categories such as tops, bottoms, dresses, and lingerie. Depop is a more visually influenced selling platform; being consistent with your photos and product layout will help attract more buyers to your shop.


TIPS: How to Sell on Depop

  • Take great photos and make your shop look consistent:

Here are Depop’s suggestions on how to take better photos:



  • Estimate Shipping Costs:

Figuring out how to incorporate shipping into your listings can be a little tricky. There is no shipping calculator built into the app. You must decide if you wish to ship nationally and internationally. You can list a flat rate for shipping, include shipping in the price of the item and leave the shipping field blank, or turn Instant Pay off and request that buyers contact you for shipping rates.

It helps immensely to have a scale in order to properly estimate shipping charges. Most lightweight clothing—tops, lingerie, skirts, or leggings can be shipped First Class Mail, which is relatively fast and cheaper for everyone. Heavier items like jackets, jeans, or shoes are shipped Parcel Select or Priority Mail. Be aware that tracking is provided for all of these methods, however, only Priority Mail comes with insurance. If you’re selling a really expensive item, you may want to insure it to protect yourself against losses.


  • Turn Instant Pay ON!

If you calculate your shipping ahead of time, you can turn on Instant Pay which enables buyers to purchase your item immediately. If you would rather calculate shipping for each individual buyer, you can switch this off and interested buyers will be required to send you a private message(PM) before they can purchase.

There are pros and cons to each of these methods. I prefer to leave instant pay on so that buyers can check out at will. Also, you can’t be featured on the Explore Page if it’s turned off (more on that below).


  • Get Featured!

Depop has an Explore Page with selected items. If you make it to this featured page, your item has a much better chance of selling. Many of the photos on the Explore Page look strikingly similar to photos you’d find on Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie. There are four requirements to get featured:

  1. Must have a great photo!
  2. Instant Pay must be turned on
  3. Photo must be in square format with no borders, watermarks, or filters
  4. No spam tagging and no PayPal or other out-of-app requirements


  • Refresh Old Items:

If an item hasn’t gotten much attention from your feed or you wish to rearrange your closet, you can do that by editing an item. You don’t have to change any of the details in the item post, just hit ‘Edit Item” and save it. It will be bumped to the top of your closet.


  • Package & Ship!

Once someone buys an item, the money is waiting in your PayPal account. Depop’s 10% fee is automatically deducted. You can create a shipping label from within PayPal and email your buyer with tracking too!

I like to wrap my clothing items in colorful tissue paper and decorate the box with stickers! I started doing this because it’s how I would want to receive them. It’s ok if you don’t want to take the time or spend money on little extras like this too. What matters is that the item is packaged well and shipped in a timely manner.

My favorite resources for packaging supplies are TJ Maxx & Home Goods. Honestly, all of the stickers and cute cards I send are from my personal stash, so I haven’t had to buy any in over a year. If you’re already sorting through your belongings, you may find that’s the case with you too! It’s fun to repurpose pretty ribbons or craft supplies to brighten your packages and keep people coming back to your shop for more!

Next time, I’ll be covering the basics of Poshmark and some tips on how to get the most out of the app!


Are you already on Depop?

Let’s be friends! https://www.depop.com/pearldiverla/

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  • Thank you for sharing! Just started selling on Depop and you gave some really insightful tips that I am going to start using.