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Dark Lipstick Reviews – Bad Bitch Lips

Dark Lipstick Reviews

I’ve never worn dark lipstick. Aside from a messy application of crappy black Halloween lipstick, my lip shades have centered around pinks and reds. I blame that on reading my Mom’s copy of Color Me Beautiful in the late 80s. This was one of the few(only?) beauty books I ever found in our house, so as a girl it was intriguing. I was rather torn with the results–once you figure out what “season” you are, you’re supposed to stick to those colors. I’m pretty sure my “Spring” colors didn’t include any dark lipsticks.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve been so excited about the bold colors for fall this year! Classic colors are nice, but sometimes I want to stand out amongst the sea of red lips and winged eyeliner. I’m still searching for the shades that I absolutely love, but here are my experiences so far with a few contenders. Behold!

Dark Lipstick Reviews for Bad Bitch Lips!


1. Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in “Hutch”, $5


At Colourpop’s suggestion, I applied Hutch with the “Dukes” Lippie Pencil($5). The colors matched very closely, although I wish the lip pencil was made of harder formula, so the lines could be sharper. The Satin Lip was easy to apply with the included wand and very velvety. Between the soft creaminess of the lippie pencil and the foot wand, this color required a good cleanup with concealer to create a polished defined line.

I was impressed with the richness of color. It came out *much* darker on my pale skin, more of a black violet as the description says than the almost burgundy color on the website. I was hoping for more of the latter.

My main beef with this product was the immediate color transfer. Do NOT drink or eat anything with this on, unless you’re just sipping your iced coffee through a straw. Pretty disappointing since I would want to wear this color at night to drink cocktails with the girls.

2. NARS Audacious Lipstick in “Bette”, $32


Photo: Sephora.com

This lipstick glided on super smoothly. It was moisturizing and felt lightweight. Unfortunately, that lightness translated to lack of pigment for me. The Bette shade is advertised as a burgundy color and I was hoping for a deeper, less translucent shade of red. On my pale skin, this translated to a pretty berry color which was not at all what I was looking for. 

3. Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in “Witchy”, $21


Photo: Smashbox.com

I’m in love with this color! It applied super smoothly and looked great even without a lip liner. The description is a little misleading online–it says it’s a “deep burgundy cream”. It is the deep color I was looking for, but it’s less of a cream and more of a shimmery lipstick. Because it’s not a matte style burgundy, I found that I had to be thorough about my application so that the color was consistent across my lips. The ONLY qualm I had about this lipstick was once again, color transfer. I am still on the hunt for a lip color that’s not as glossy. 

4. Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in “Blackberry”, $14


Photo: Sephora.com

With the thousands of lip options out there, I wouldn’t have gravitated towards Sephora’s brand, but it was surprisingly great! This lip stain was relatively easy to apply although it is a little more drying. A bit of lip liner makes it look much more polished. It is an actual stain, so the color held true! It’s a good price too. I liked pretty much everything about this product, but the color ended up being very true to its name, and I am still looking for a deep burgundy.

Props to Alle Connell at Revelist.com for this suggestion!

5. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu, $26

Train Bleu

Photo: Sephora.com

This is a combination lipstick and lip pencil. Heck, I’m all for convenience, but this didn’t work for me. I found the chubby pencil to be pretty inaccurate for my skinny heart shaped lips and didn’t relish the thought of buying a lip pencil for my lip pencil. The color, while a lovely shade of dark eggplant was also the least saturated of any of the examples here. I imagine this product would be perfect for me in a lighter color when I want just a hint of color, but when I go dark, I go BOLD. 


Have some suggestions for what I should try next? Drop a comment below.


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