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Why I’m Taking a Break From Vinted


My Vinted shop is on an indefinite vacation. There are a few reasons, such as slow sales and poor profit margins, but there’s one main reason: I don’t have enough faith in Vinted’s support team.

Here’s the scoop: The last item I sold on Vinted wasn’t properly scanned at the post office. I take all my items to the counter and have a receipt issued with the tracking numbers as a fail safe and I recommend this to anyone selling items online. The issue arose when the post office scanned in my package as “delivered” when I dropped it off. I didn’t realize this had happened until later when the tracking didn’t update online.

Vinted is reliant on tracking information to notify the buyer that their item has shipped. It also prompts the buyer when the item has been delivered. Since a seller’s funds are held in limbo until a buyer manually accepts their order(or after 3 days automatically), this wasn’t updating. After 3 days my funds still hadn’t been released, so I contacted Vinted explaining the situation. They assumed the package had been returned to me and wouldn’t release my funds until the buyer accepted the package. To complicate matters, the buyer was now on vacation status.

Luckily, the post office does have more accurate detailed tracking available, just not online. I went to the post office where I had this detailed tracking information printed, proving it was indeed delivered. Even with this proof from the post office and after the 3 day waiting period, Vinted still wouldn’t release my funds. Luckily, the buyer was very sweet and did eventually respond and accept the package.

I didn’t appreciate the way in which Vinted handled the situation, and have decided that it’s not worth selling on the site. I’m wary of any site that holds my funds in limbo until the package is accepted, Poshmark included. The difference is that at least with Poshmark, everything is shipped Priority Mail so there is some safeguard if a package is actually lost or damaged.

I still think Vinted is a viable option for selling clothes online, and you can read about the pros and cons of it in this post. In my situation, Vinted was one of several online platforms I was using and the high fees with little payoff just weren’t worth the time invested.

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