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A Quick Portland Trip

Leaf Soup

It’s hard to believe that almost 2 weeks have passed since our Portland trip. It’s very rare that we’re able to take vacations and we’d been anticipating this one for a long time–5 months to be exact!

Autumn is absolutely gorgeous in Portland. Although it was sprinkling most of the time we were there, it was wonderful to be surrounded by trees and fresh air again. There was a severe weather warning the week of our trip and we expected to be hit with torrential rain over the weekend, but we lucked out! The worse part of the storm hit the day before we visited, and aside from a flight delay we didn’t experience any major inconveniences.

I came down with a deathly cough the week of our trip though, so the few photos I took are mostly food related. Funny how being unwell removes the importance of snapping photos. It was a good thing, as I was more in the moment that way!

When we lived in Portland we started a passport program with McMenamins. Because we completed it, we were able to stay for free at a hotel of our choosing. We chose the Kennedy School, which is super close to the Alberta Arts District. It’s an old elementary school that has been converted into a hotel, complete with an outside soaking pool, brewery, restaurant, and 5 bars. Oh, and a movie theatre. The thing I like about McMenamins’ properties is that they are self sufficient. It’s great to be able to come back to the hotel with several different bars still open that are running happy hour to boot!

The first night we arrived, we ate at Tusk, a newly opened Middle Eastern influenced restaurant. While we were there for the tempting food photos from their Instagram, the main reason was the bar. Tyler Stevens, previously of Teardrop Lounge, is running the show. Daniel Osborne of Bull In China(also previously of Teardrop) joins him behind the bar there. We enjoyed the drinks and the ‘Magic Carpet Ride’, which is their tasting menu.

Saturday, we scouted around for vintage treasures and procured some herbal cough syrup for my poor little throat. Thank goodness for New Seasons! Olga’s cough syrup is the jam, folks.

We were really surprised to find that it’s dramatically harder to score good vintage within Portland and it’s outskirts nowadays. I guess with all those damn Californians moving in…(har har). We did scoop up a healthy lunch from Poke Mon PDX.


Saturday night we booked it over to the Crystal Ballroom to watch The Cold War Kids & The Strumbellas. It was my first time watching a concert there and it was a pretty cool venue. Read more about the ballroom’s history here.

Sunday was our last full day in town and we made the best of it! We managed to catch the last 5 minutes of brunch at Sweedeedee so all we could grab was some coffee, a delicious berry scone, & a slice of coconut loaf. We drank liquid carbs at Cascade Brewing, because I swore that I would die if I didn’t get to have some Pumpkin Smash.

Pumpkin Smash


Lots of vintage shopping and an outfit change later found us at Beast, for our Sunday night dinner. We had been meaning to dine there for years, and finally committed. Of course, it was delightful. Believe it or not, this is the only photo I took over the 2.5 hours we spent there. We had a good conversation with some folks visiting from Oakland, although our other table-mates made up for our lack of cell phone use by playing Pokemon Go throughout dinner.



Goodbye, Portland! See you next year.


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