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Cat Eye Glasses & Slow Coffee




I’ve been wearing prescription glasses for distance since I was in high school. My style has changed over the years from small round Lennon-esque glasses to chunky square black frames. A couple months ago my car was stolen and with it my only pair of prescription glasses.

When I truly need something I’ve found that the universe provides. Recently, I had the opportunity to pick out a pair of glasses online. What great timing!

I’m a big fan of cat eye glasses, so I was immediately drawn to the Novia Cat Eye glasses. Glassesshop.com made the process super easy–the hardest part was deciding on just one pair! You can even upload a photo of your beautiful face for a virtual try on.

You can opt for different lenses, but I wanted a prescription pair. Luckily, I had my prescription from a previous checkup. The only tricky part was measuring my pupillary distance, which I did in the mirror with a ruler. I was a bit concerned about it being accurate, but when the glasses showed up a couple weeks later, it was fine!

They shipped pretty quickly & came with a cleaning cloth & plastic case. The frames are light and fit snugly on my skinny little nose. They have a little bit of give too which is useful if you find yourself sitting on your frames all too often!

If you need a replacement pair like me or just want a cute new pair of prescription sunglasses, Glassesshop.com is definitely a good option. Use code: INV7G5MOLWZFD for 50% off your first pair(sale frames excluded)!


All Photos by Yeekai Lim

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