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Best Selling Platforms & Apps for Clothing Part 2: Vinted.com

In my last post, I outlined the various websites and apps I use to sell clothing online. I concluded that Etsy is a great site for vintage and handmade clothing, plus it has some of the lowest fees compared to other websites.

Today, I’m going to evaluate Vinted*. This review is solely for the US website, as Vinted is available in 10 countries. Vinted operates a website and an app that allows its users to sell or swap pre-loved clothing to others. At first, it was for women’s clothing only, but has since opened up to include men’s clothing, footwear, accessories, new beauty products, and tech accessories.

The main thing that I love about Vinted is that it has a fully functional website. Everyone is offering an app these days, but it’s LOADS easier to upload pictures on an actual computer. I also really like the fact that the photos don’t have to be a 100px square like Poshmark or Depop. It allows users the freedom to take better photos with details of the items.

Vinted also has forums which allow its users to promote sales, ask questions about features, or in most cases, talk about their personal lives. The forums aren’t top on my list of favorite Vinted features–probably because the user base(at least in the USA) seems to be between 18-25 year olds. Topics generally rotate around boyfriends not texting enough, makeup application tips, HotorNot type posts, pet pictures, and general girl rage. Unless you fall within this age range and like encouraging internet strangers to deliver advice on your relationship or OOTD, it’s probably not your bag either.

Given the site’s demographic, the items that sell the best are mall name-brand clothing that’s under $25 and between sizes 4-10. Victoria’s Secret, Hollister, Forever 21, H&M–if you can find it at a mall and it’s cute and pink and cheap, someone on Vinted will buy it. This is more often the case than not, which can make the app’s name, Vinted, confusing. With a name like that, one would think it’s a vintage clothing app. In reality, vintage clothing does quite poorly on Vinted.

*Update 10/16: I’m taking an indefinite break from Vinted. You can read more about my decision here.


Vinted: For Cheaper Women’s Pre-Loved Clothing


  • Vinted offers a fully functional website and an app, making it easy to upload items at home and track them on the go.
  • If your target audience is 18-25yo females, Vinted is great! Stick with recognizable mall brands like Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Hollister, etc.
  • There’s a forum to communicate with other users and occasional meetups to network and make new friends.
  • Listings are free to post and can include up to 5 photos. Photos don’t have to be 100px!
  • Listings don’t expire, they just get pushed down the the bottom of the feed.
  • Bundling is easy and built into the app. You set the quantity of items and the applicable discount
  • If you’re into swapping, it’s built in
  • There are 3 types of shipping rates, each with different weights. This helps cut down on shipping costs for buyers, as opposed to a flat shipping rate on apps like Poshmark.
  • Users can send you offers for your listings which opens up a message. You can negotiate in there or send more questions/answers.
  • There’s a handy vacation setting which temporarily closes up shop!


  • The demographic is very specific. If you have designer or vintage items, they probably won’t sell well on Vinted.
  • The selling fee is 19%. It has been capped at $5 through 2016.
  • There’s no easy way to organize your closet. Items listed have a timer on them and after awhile get pushed down the bottom of the main page’s feed. You can “bump” your items up and are prompted to lower the price at that time. If you actually lowered the price with each bump, you would be giving away all your items for free eventually, so watch out! Only by bumping can you get your items in the order you would like in your closet, which is a lot of work.
  • The forums are the main method of self promotion. Many users spend copious amounts of time there in an effort to be Vinted famous and sell more items. It works for some users.
  • There are 3 types of shipping rates, each with different weights. Buy a scale, or you are responsible for shipping overages!
Join me next time when I review Poshmark.com! 



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