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Apricots & Tiki Music

Holy blazes! Summer has officially begun. I’m just happy that the 100 degree days have only started. We’ve been lucky to enjoy a very cool spring and I’m grateful for that.

I’ve gotten into making syrups and liqueurs again, in large part because of the plethora of fresh produce round these parts. I just picked 4 pounds of apricots from the yard. I have a recipe for apricot liqueur that I’ll be making very soon.

Of course, hotter weather means I’ll be making lots of tiki drinks to stay cool! I’m stocking up on rum and mixers in anticipation.

Serendipitously, I just found a pile of fun vintage records, a couple of which create great atmosphere for warm nights sipping from tiki bowls.


This is the second Taboo I’ve found in a couple months, which is random. Finally, my own copy of Exotica II. Very happy about this! And I’ve never seen or heard Yellow Bird before either.

Looking forward to listening to these very very soon.




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