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Why I’m Not Drinking In September


In recent days all my bartender friends have been posting that they’re giving up alcohol for September. I’m way out of the loop, because I’ve never heard of this initiative which has been going on for over 10 years now!
Funny enough, I usually go through a month-long alcohol-free torture session every year. Why?
  • Because I like time to go by slowly.
  • I enjoy being a DD.
  • I like realizing how stupid drunk people’s conversations are around me.
  • Adult babysitting is fun!
  • I really don’t need alcohol to relax.
All sarcasm aside, it’s because my profession is alcohol. As a bartender, it’s easy to get a high tolerance for alcohol and before you know it, you’ve had a couple glasses of champagne, a shot of Amaro Nonino, and a Manhattan before bed, or finished a nice bottle of wine–by yourself.
Sure, we all overindulge once in awhile, but when it’s an everyday thing, it starts wearing on my energy. I want to drink alcohol because I enjoy it, not because it’s a thoughtless habit. The same could be said for overindulgence of any medium. 64oz of soda? Naw, how about a nice little craft-made 12 oz root beer with cane sugar? That is what I’d enjoy. A 31oz Trenta of burnt espresso with about 25oz of steamed milk and enough sugar for a classroom of 3rd graders? No, I’d rather have a 6 oz cappuccino brewed with care by a local coffeehouse that sources its beans.
While this probably makes me sound like a hipster douchebag–enjoying life, enjoying what you’re tasting as it enters your body to be used as energy is actually pretty important. Shoving energy bars and espresso down your throat commuting to work/school, scarfing a greasy thoughtless lunch at noon, and preparing a pre-packaged meal for dinner is not enjoying life. Chase that with a 6 pack of Rainier and you’re just going to end up with a general feeling of malaise and beer farts.
Summer cocktail from DrinkYourView.com

If you recall from this post I’m not consuming alcohol for all the reasons listed above, but also because I’m going through a complete change of diet to heal myself. It’s been 2 weeks and I’m feeling just fine. I also lost 10 lbs, which is just the icing on the cake. Which I can’t eat. The closest I can come to explaining what I eat is organic vegetarian dairy free paleo.  I’m having a good laugh at that and also not going out to eat, because no kitchen should be forced to deal with my current limitations.
To those that are committing to a #soberseptember, I salute you! The best advice I can give is:
  • Have a reason to do it other than the fact that it’s trending
  • Take it a day at a time
  • Drink a ton of water and tea(with minimal sugar)
  • Supplement! Take milk thistle and/or reishi extract to support your liver
  • DO NOT just substitute sugar for alcohol. Put down the sodas & fruit juice. Lean towards green dranks and coconut water.
I’ll see you on the other side!



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