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Candida Diet–The First 3 Days

At the end of my last post, I mentioned that I started something called a Candida Diet. It’s basically like the Whole 30 diet on steroids. I’m doing it as an attempt to rid my body of whatever toxins are causing this constant rash on my face.

I’m currently following the instructions from this eBook: The Complete Candida Detox & Protocol. There’s also a 30 Day Candida Free Diet eBook that is a little looser with what you can eat. The second link is very useful as it lays out meal plans and recipes.

I started by trying out a very strict detox which I was able to pull off for 2.5 days before I felt like collapsing. It was probably due to the fact that I wasn’t eating enough, which is odd because everything I’ve read states that you’ll be really hungry, or hangry, as it were. Except, I wasn’t. I don’t know if that’s because I already eat a pretty low carb diet(except for all the wine, beer, and martinis, oh my!) or if I kept my belly full of lots of herbal tisanes.

Also, I would highly recommend only attempting a detox if you aren’t working full-time. I started mine at the end of my work week and that was the only way I lasted as long as I did. There’s no way I could complete a 9 hour bartending shift on veggies and lemon water.

Day One: I drank lots of chamomile tea and water. I ate an entire bunch of kale wilted with garlic, olive oil, and Himalayan sea salt. Later, I made kale chips with OO, salt, and some garlic salt. I ate a head of broccoli with OO and salt. Not the most interesting day. My energy levels were fine. I saw some swelling go down in my face.

Day Two: I drank chamomile tea, roasted dandelion root tea. I enjoyed a lemon & cucumber water with ground chia seeds. I ate more salad, roasted asparagus, roasted 5 heads of garlic for future use(dang! these are stinky), and ate cucumbers. My energy waned throughout the day, like when I had to concentrate to post on Etsy and I had to take a nap. I also suffereed from headaches all day. I struggled with a mild fever as well. I dosed back my probiotics and by the end of the day, I felt refreshed and my swelling had completely gone away.

Day Three: I drank a rotation of rooibos, roasted dandelion, and nettle tea. I felt particularly drained today and felt that if I didn’t have some more protein I would be useless all day. I mandolined zucchini and arranged them in a baking dish with OO and salt, covered them with aluminum foil and cooked them at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes. I topped them with avocado and boiled egg. Best thing I’ve eaten in 3 days! I started getting my energy back! I didn’t have any issues with headache or fever today, and my face remained unswollen all day. It’s still red and irritated though, so hopefully I’ll start seeing some results in the next week.

Another interesting thing is that I haven’t had any cravings for food yet. The only thing my body was craving was more sustenance so that I wouldn’t be so weak. I had some major heart palpitations the afternoon of day three and that was when I knew I would need to eat something more substantial.


I’ve been supplementing with probiotics, cod liver oil, Milk Thistle, and Candidase every day.

Drinks(links open to Amazon):

-Nettle Tea
-Roasted Dandelion Root 
-Rooibos -I had Stash Spice Dragon Red Chai in the house which has ginger root, another good cleansing ingredient.
-Chamomile-I really like the Traditional Medicinals brand for this, Nettle, and Roasted Dandelion
-Lemon/Lime water with cucumber, mint, and ground chia seeds

Until I find something that really helps the red, dry, rash, on my face, I’m going to hold off on a topical cream post. A lot of things have helped a little at certain points in time, but nothing is really helping right now. I’ll do a full review of the most helpful products soon!



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