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Short Hairstyles & Rag Curlers

I’ve officially been living with short hair for 9 months now. It’s not so bad! I was sincerely worried that I would miss my long ass hair, but really, it’s been simplified my life. Back in September, I went with a short bob which I kept up until a couple months ago. Now, my hair has grown out to my chin, and I’m due back in the salon to get it freshened up.

In the meantime, my go-to hairstyle has been a side part with a sturdy metal clip. One evening, I got a wild hair up my butt and decided to try out some rag curlers that were taking up space in my linen closet. I bought them when I had long hair and I would’ve needed about 4 packs to actually do my hair in curlers back then.


It was super simple to do. I just washed my hair, put in some Paul Mitchell Hair Sculpting Lotion, and wrapped those puppies up. I slept on them and took them out the next morning.



The biggest surprise to me was the fact that they stayed. ALL night. I have straight, straight, hair. Even with 2 day old hair my hair will NOT hold curl. I have always envied the curly haired babes! With these rag curlers & the lotion, they stayed Shirley Temple bounce all friggin’ day.

Couldn’t have been happier.

Also, by the 2nd day, they still looked pretty sweet, and I brushed them out for a flouncy more natural curled look.

I need to try this again soon. And so do you.




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