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Tequila and a 3-day Mexico Trip

Last week, I travelled to Guadalajara, Mexico to see how tequila was made firsthand. The trip was sponsored by Patrón Tequila as a result of a cocktail showcase I participated in way back in August last year.

The trip was amazing–the weather is perfect this time of year. The group included bartenders from all over the US. The best part of the trip was visiting Patrón’s Hacienda and seeing the process of whole agaves being transformed into delicious tequila!

This is the area where the agave are delivered. This man is demonstrating how the agave are trimmed before they are stacked into the brick ovens behind him for cooking.

Here’s me in a field of baby agave:

This was the view from our Hotel. Beautiful and clear!

Hacienda Patrón:


I’m just now beginning to make up for the time out of country. I started school again a couple weeks ago, so I’m am running around like crazy once again. 7 classes, the BISN store, and my “day” job are a lot to handle. I like cramming as much as possible into my days right now. It feels great having a goal to be working towards instead of watching life float by.I’m finally taking a calligraphy class this quarter as well. I took an online course last year and didn’t make much progress with it. I couldn’t be happier with this course. It’s so much better to take a class in person with a profressional. I’ve made much more progress in a shorter time. This is an Italic class, but the fundamentals are there to learn a variety of different styles. If you’re in the Portland area, a great resource is the Portland Society for Calligraphy. I’ll post some work as we progress. Right now, we’re just on lowercase letters.

That’s about all there’s time for now!








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