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Hair, chopped!

I’ve been keeping plenty busy this summer. Working full-time sure puts a limit on time for blogging and scouting for treasures. Paying the bills is nice though.I’ve been meaning to cut my hair for a good year now, and I kept getting “too busy” with restaurant openings, moving, and work. I finally went for it and chopped the braid!

I’m sure I’ll miss having long hair, but my hair was so thick that I would’ve needed a team of stylists to work on it everyday! Plus, since I have to tie my hair back for work, I wasn’t enjoying it all that much.

Here’s the before:



And the after. See how happy I am?

Me and my 10 oz braid.


I was going for a Carey Mulligan semi-shingled bob, but the hair stylist pretty much disregarded the photo and did a standard cut. Time to let it grow out a bit and try again with someone else. Stylists are like dentists, I just can’t find one I love yet. On the plus side, haircuts in Portland are cheap!
This is also my birthday month. I celebrated by NOT working and by eating out at Davenport. Great wine, great food, and a cute spot. It’s right next to Heart Coffee on Burnside.
This week is bound to be busy at work. It’s Feast PDX and we’re looking forward to lots of hungry food lovers coming in to eat and try out our collaboration cocktails with Chef. Check out my Instagram feed for a photo of my Gainsbourg Sour.
Next week, I’m going back to school full time for music classes again. It’s been too long–2 years to be exact. I put music on hold to run the bar at a new restaurant last year and that was very rewarding, but it’s time to get back to my hobbies.
I’m happy that Etsy has been humming with orders this month. Is it because #noshopsummer is over? Maybe. I’ll be listing some new dresses and skirts by tomorrow to fill the spaces. Keep your eyes peeled, kiddos.
Enjoy autumn(if you have it) or a less hot summer over the next coming weeks!





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