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Hawaii Trip: Back Home With A Tan

We’re back from Hawaii and getting back into the swing of things! It’s amazing how much laundry accumulates when we go on vacation. We had a great time exploring Maui & Oahu over the week. The style in Maui was super laid back, everyone wears flip flops or sandals and usually a t-shirt & shorts. I haven’t owned a pair of shorts for probably 10 years, so my suitcase was packed with skirts & tank tops for the trip.I love vintage skirts and dresses, but polyester and rayon get hot! Another thing–both islands were rather windy, so midi and maxi skirts were the way to go. Or wear bike shorts under your short skirts if you don’t want to be embarrassed!

Here are some of the photos from the 1st few days on Maui:

This is what I wore the 1st day at the beach before I got burnt! Found the coverup at a Goodwill a few days prior. 
Swimsuit: Catalina Swimwear 
Sunglasses: Vintage, Playgirl Brand
Whoa, my face is red here! We body boarded and swam all afternoon. Glad I brought an oversized scarf to cover my lobster shoulders.
This was the 3rd day so my sunburn started turning to tan. The dress is a vintage mumu that I added a leather belt to. Picked up the fun hibiscus flower hair clip in Maui. I might start making my own.
The same night at the Old Lahaina Luau. They provided the lei. My plate is stuffed with pig roasted in taro leaf, chicken long rice, poi, poke, taro, and ceviche.
Our last day in Maui. I was not happy to be leaving, but we had more adventures in Oahu!
See what I meant about the wind? The water was gorgeous–shades of dark blue and turquoise with beautiful white caps.
The Etsy Store is back online. I’ll be posting more fun stuff this week.
Hope you’re enjoying your summer!




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