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Cat Naps & Christmas Shopping

The past few days it’s been raining a lot. I love it, except for the part where I caught cold from romping around unheated antique shops on Monday. Edwin and I went to some pretty huge ones in Long Beach that are huge warehouses. Great for shopping, but bring a warm coat!
This was my last week of finals for the semester. Celebration time! I get a whole month off before picking back up again. I can hear sighs of relief from students all over this city.
Picaro catching some zzzz’s

I hope your Christmas shopping is coming along beautifully. If you’re anything like me, it’s so tempting to buy a little something for yourself too.

Romwe.com just sent out a bunch of coupon codes for the holidays. I’ll pass them on to you in case you’re shopping there(maybe for a New Year’s outfit?):

Code1:HappyChristmas1 Save $15 for $60+ 
Code2:HappyChristmas2 Save $25 for $90+ 
Code3:HappyChristmas3 Save $35 for $120+ 
All the codes will expire on the 25th December (GMT+8). Each order can have only one discount code one time. 



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