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Looking At The Past

For my birthday today, Edwin and I took my parents out antiquing. I used to hate going to stores with them when I was a kid, but now it’s really fun. It’s cool to hear their stories and see them freak out about old things they used to own.

We found some neat barware! The coolest thing we saw was a retro-fitted High-Fidelity Minibar with built-in radio and speakers. Too bad I don’t have an extra 3 bills lying around…

Now Edwin’s asking to go back for it. Ha!

Anyway, we had a great afternoon and enjoyed a delicious dinner together. We spent some time reminiscing on 9/11, 10 years ago. I guess on the bright side, it’s easy for friends to remember my birthdate now.

I’m off to practice piano before bed. Class tomorrow at 8!



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