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A Girl Needs A Night Off

I love coming across little surprises in my daily life. Edwin and I were killing some time before a show on Monday and these spectator pumps caught my eye. I’m a sucker for contrasting colors.

Of course, these turned out to be too small for me, but I figure some lucky lady will slip into these like Cinderella. They’re now chilling on Etsy waiting for their new home.
Pica has been calming down a bit now that she’s allowed to roam free inside during the day. She loves to play with feathers or anything that moves, really. She was chasing flies earlier today. Get ’em, Pica!
Despite our combined schedules, we’ve been doing a pretty darn good job of unpacking and settling in. Flowers from the Farmer’s Market always brighten a room. Here’s a lone survivor from a lovely bouquet we picked up 2 weeks ago:


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